Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christine Munro (artist)

by Christine Munro
I caught glimpses of the new art exhibition at the Underground Theatre when we attended the excellent The Dressing Book last week although the works were not officially on show until the Friday. All the paintings are again exclusively by one artist - Society of Eastbourne Artists member Christine Munro - and they are a very different proposition from those previously shown by David Armitage.

An artist of some thirty years standing, Christine specialises in oils with an occasional foray into pastels or watercolours. She is inspired by the natural world and chooses to paint close detailed works of trees and plants as well as wider seascapes and landscapes. Her Eastbourne garden is also the source of several of her paintings.

Tall Trees and Rock are two of the first paintings visible as you descend the staircase to the exhibition space. They are nice examples of Christine's observations and I particularly liked the composition of Rock which makes for an unusual scene. Light on the River is also in this section and this painting uses squares of colour to give the impression of light through dense foliage behind the river. Honesty is eyecatching because the delicate seed pods are depicted against a dark background so the detail and colours really stand out.

Across the other side of the foyer are several images of birds including a Coot and Waxwings, as well as two paintings of Puffins which reminded me of our recent week in Iceland - definitely worth a holiday if you're into dramatic scenery! Christine's Puffins have wonderfully inquisitive expressions. Turn your back on the birds to see three dramatic water-inspired paintings in strong blue and green colours. Also here is, I think, my favourite painting entitled Solitude. This shows a lone dog heading across a wide open space towards a line of trees. I am not sure if the ground is snow or simply indistinct but I found myself wondering at the story behind the painting for several minutes.

Underground Theatre, Fridays and Saturdays, 23rd Nov to 29th Dec, 10:00-16:00.
Free admission.
Also on show to patrons during UGT evening events.

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