Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Diary of Anne Frank (theatre)

Ahead of Blonde Poison (14th-16th May), The Diary of Anne Frank is coming to the Devonshire Park theatre in the first week of May. Both plays are concerned with the lives of Jews during the Second World War with each play viewing the subject from the opposing side.

Anne Frank's famous diary charts two years of her life from 1942 to 1944. Whilst hidden from the Nazis with her Jewish family in a secret annexe in Amsterdam, Anne documented her hopes, frustrations and day to day experiences in confinement. 

The 1950s Pulitzer prize winning play dramatises Anne’s wry observations of herself and her companions and includes material that had originally been censored by her father, Otto Frank. The script has been criticised for being too heavily weighted towards the positive aspects of Anne's Diary so those who know the original text very well might think the play too 'light'. Anne's relationship with her mother is not as antagonistic and the potential romance with Peter is given a more prominent role. However, as a piece of theatre in its own right, the play is well worth seeing and younger theatregoers will certainly find it very useful if their GCSE history syllabus includes the Second World War

This Touring Consortium production stars Amy Dawson in the title role with Christopher Timothy (All Creatures Great & Small) as Otto Frank and Kerry Peers (The Bill) as Anne's mother, Edith Frank.

The Diary of Anne Frank is at the Devonshire Park Theatre from Tuesday the 1st to Saturday the 5th of May. Evening performances begin at 19:45 and the two matinees, Wednesday and Saturday, begin at 14:30. In case it influences anyone's decision, BF and I are planning to go the to Wednesday evening performance!

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